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Her Future is Her Campus Media's high school program, created to connect high school students interested in being prepared for the college application process and what to do once they get to college. Our mentors hail from a variety of backgrounds, schools, interests, and have their own unique voices and perspectives. Her Future members gain access to exclusive mentorship and resources and enjoy learning new skills, building their resumes, and taking part in different assignments that help prepare for college and beyond. 

Apply today and join our 1,000+ students worldwide who are already involved in our community! We are so excited to learn more about you.

FAQs for High Schoolers

Do I need to identify as female to join the Her Future program?

The Her Future program was designed to support young women and other marginalized groups of students in furthering their careers. We will consider any applicant that also supports this mission!

Do I need to be in high school to join the Her Future program?

Yes! Whether you’re in a public, private, or homeschool environment, all applicants of the Her Future program need to be enrolled in high school classes in order to be considered for the program.

Can I join the Her Future program if I’m based outside the United States?

Yes! We accept all English-speaking applicants, no matter where in the world you are.

Can I join the Her Future program if I’m not in high school yet?

Unfortunately no - we only accept applicants that are currently enrolled in high school. Check back and apply once you’re in high school!

Do I have to attend every workshop/complete every assignment? 

No! While we encourage our members to attend and complete as many of our workshops and assignments as they can (we offer up to seven assignments and complementary workshops throughout the school year!), we do not require any of them.

Will my assignments be graded?

Assignments are not graded, but you will receive individual generalized feedback on every assignment that you submit to your mentor.

How long is this program? 

We offer one workshop and one assignment per month from September to June, with a few free months in between, for a total of seven workshops and seven assignments. Don’t worry, we know you are a student and have other academic obligations besides this program!

Are there any other ways for me to be involved with Her Campus outside of Her Future? 

If you are a high school student, Her Future is the best way to start your involvement with Her Campus.

Any questions we didn’t answer? Drop us an email!