For Educators & Parents

Think you have a student who would be the perfect fit for the Her Future program? Send them our way! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so we are always recruiting new students to join our program.

What makes this program different from other pre-college program?

Other pre-college programs are typically focused on college classes and being in a college environment. Her Future is different: in addition to helping your student prep for college through a variety of relevant workshops and assignments, Her Future provides a community of other high school students for your student to bounce ideas off of and for them to network with before they even step foot onto a college campus. We also provide your student with current college student mentors, who will be happy to guide them through the college application process and more, as well as access to the national Her Campus team.

Will participating in Her Future add more to my child/student’s workload?

All of our workshops/assignments are designed to mirror educational/career development tasks that your child is already likely to be doing during this time of their high school career, such as drafting/writing a personal statement, creating a resume, doing college research and more! Each Her Future assignment allows your child/student 2-3 weeks to complete so that they can take their time with it in addition to their other academic obligations, but no assignment is required. If they choose to attend the workshop and complete the associated assignment, it may require some additional time for them to focus on the assignment outside of their school work.

Do assignments receive feedback? 

Assignments submitted to their mentors will receive individual generalized feedback.

What does it mean for my child/student to have access to the national Her Campus team?

The national Her Campus team is an expansive network across the world. By having access, they will be able to unlock exclusive opportunities and events that would otherwise only be available to the Her Campus community. Furthermore, if your child is interested in writing, journalism, or marketing, they would get a leg-up within the growing Her Campus community once they attend college and apply to be part of the college’s Her Campus Chapter. You can learn more about Her Campus here.

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