What Can Her Future Ambassadors Expect?

Participate in WORKSHOPS AND relevant ASSIGNMENTS

Each month, our Her Future Mentors and Ambassadors of the national Her Campus team will host a workshop, held in webinar format, where Mentors will detail their experience on topics such as internship interviews, college essays, and composing personal statements.

Her Future Ambassadors are invited to sit in on each workshop and ask questions. From there, they’ll work on an assignment related to that month’s workshop - like writing their own personal statement or building their resume.

Work closely alongside COLLEGE MENTORS

Her Future Mentors are selected from our own Her Campus network (Campus Chapters, Campus Trendsetters and the InfluenceHer Collective). These are current college women with strong communication skills who have a desire to share their college and job experiences with others.

Each Mentor works closely with Her Future Ambassadors to answer their questions and to advise how they can be an active participant in their own life story. At Her Future, we believe anything is possible with the right tools, information and mindset.

Interact with other members in our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP

Once accepted to Her Future, Ambassadors will gain access to our private Facebook group. Since we are a virtual program, it is the easiest and most practical way to communicate with all of our members.

Our college-aged mentors also use this platform to generate discussions, but it’s mostly a place for students to connect and get to know one another.  

 So, How Do I Join?

Potential members of the Her Future program must currently be in high school and have regular access to a computer/internet, where they can connect with their mentors and other Her Future members.

Visit our FAQ pages for more questions on eligibility.